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Basic myths about yachting or yacht charter

Yachting, gaining more and more popularity in our country, has recently managed to “grow” a huge number of myths. Many people still have not decided to go to sea under the sail of a yacht or a catamaran just because they have an incomplete or distorted idea of ​​this amazing form of sports tourism. To at least slightly correct this informational “bias”, we would like to devote this article to debunking the most popular misconceptions and stereotypes about yachting:

Myth number 1
Yachting is a pleasure for the rich.
This is not true. For example, the cost of a week-long charter of a sailing catamaran is comparable to a vacation in a decent Turkish hotel. Of course, if you want to become the owner of a luxury vessel, then, of course, you can’t do without substantial investments, and if you estimate the costs of maintaining the yachts and paying for parking in marinas, a rather serious amount will come out. But in order to fully experience all the delights of relaxing on a yacht, it is not at all necessary to buy something, just rent a yacht and enjoy the trip. Today, almost all yachting enthusiasts just rent a boat.

Myth number 2
Yachting is a very complex science.
Managing a yacht really requires certain skills and dexterity. To confidently stand at the helm, just getting a license and theoretical knowledge is, of course, not enough, you need experience. But let’s remember the times when you first got behind the wheel of your car: it was scary and uncomfortable, but only a few months have passed and now you are already an experienced motorist. Therefore, you will also be able to cope with a yacht and a catamaran. But then again, to admire the magnificent sunset in Sardinia from the deck of a sailing ship, it is absolutely not necessary to be able to control it, for this purpose there are experienced sea wolves – skippers!

Myth number 3
Yachting is hazardous to health.
The design of modern sailing yachts and, in particular, catamarans is such that the chance to roll over and sink on them in the open sea tends to zero. That is why leading charter companies confidently insure the entire crew for very large amounts.

Myth number 4
Yachting is boring and uninteresting
It’s just the opposite. Many of those who first went to sea on a yacht will never exchange this amazing adventure for a vacation in a hotel or on the beach. Holidays on a yacht will open up a unique opportunity for you to see the pristine nature of the most inaccessible places on the planet. Since the yacht is mobile, you can easily take magical pictures near an exotic island, and then moor to its shores and have a picnic on a wild open-air beach. In addition, the yacht, as a rule, has all the necessary equipment for diving or fishing, so lovers of diving and fishing will definitely find what to do with themselves. Therefore, you do not have to miss the yacht.
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Myth number 5
Yachting – not for lovers of comfort
Indeed, many believe that a typical yachtsman is deprived of all the benefits of modern civilization and is constantly in extreme conditions. Many people think that yachting is always a strong storm, bad weather, dangerous transitions, wet clothes, tight cabins, lack of water and food. But this is just another misconception and stereotype among beginners. In fact, a modern charter catamaran is a luxurious mansion on the water with the highest level of safety and comfort. Cozy cabins, a spacious lounge, a kitchen and a bathroom – all this is on board, so you won’t even notice that you are currently in the middle of the endless sea.
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Friends, fight with your stereotypes and misconceptions, discover a new one, then it is possible that the sea will become an integral part of your interesting life. Have a good trip!

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Updated: 12/17/2020 — 00:06

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