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It was the usual Tuesday evening of January. Nothing predicted the trouble for the English champion, who in the pursuit of “Liverpool” hoped to take out of Newcastle victory. Still, after all in the rivals a fighter for survival.

But football irony is such that the motivated Manchester City, which this year has only just won, having missed once and scored 29 goals, lost. And not just lost, but gave way to the team of former Liverpool mentor Rafa Benitez.

So “city dwellers” lost the opportunity to approach the mersisides in the table and now there is a risk of increasing this distance to seven points. It seems that even the seers could not predict this.

Moreover, the game on the “St. James Park” began with a quick bounce of guests. This is Aguero (15 Newcastle’s goal – Sergio loves this team) already at the 24th second stressed the serious intentions of the Mancunians. But in Newcastle’s native walls, this did not shake. Of course, the whole match on the field dominated the favorite, but the “magpies” did everything and even more so that the opponent did not receive anything from this territorial advantage.

By the word “bigger”, of course, I mean the two goals of the hosts after the break. At first, Rondon, and then Ritchi put a penalty just one hour ago scary of his productive form of opponent’s knees. Bravo Rafa!

At Newcastle this day turned out to be just fine. Information about a possible (record for the club! This was not the case since 2005), the signing of the Atlant striker Almirona seemed to have breathed life into the club. After such “magpies” must definitely survive, and Benitez – to remain in the team.

Just imagine that the 22-man win-win Manchester City series in the games against Newcastle broke off. No other team suffered from “townspeople” for so long.

Well, for a dessert. Guardiola could beat the record today with José Mourinho, who won 73 wins in the first 100 games in the submarine. But its hundredth Pep lost, so stayed at the level with the Portuguese.

Well, after such gifts, Liverpool will simply be ashamed not to win the championship.

Newcastle United – Manchester City 2: 1
Goals: Rondon (66), Ricci (80, Pen) – Aguero (1)

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