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Football wishes for 2020. Combating racism and fewer complaints about VAR

Gabriele Marcotti hopes for a brighter future for football

Reviewing his old wishes, it becomes obvious that some of his desires are Sisyphean work, while others regularly remain on the agenda, since it is almost impossible to achieve an ideal.
Some desires will sound familiar, but you do not have to agree with everything. Football takes all points of view. Happy New Year!

1. The fight against racism in football must continue. We also need to remember two important things: what happens in lower, semi-professional and amateur leagues also matters, and the fact that we do not see explicit racist actions does not mean that racism does not exist. Racism extends to prejudice, thought and makes you deny the problem.

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2. Down with the scam! Every time we hear about financial fraud, dishonest acts, omnipotent agents, dubious owners and managers who pump money out of football, let’s remember that most problems can be solved by transparency. It is often difficult to find the right approach to management, but the publication of all the data (on salaries, expenses, incomes and so on) will at least allow the media and fans to double-check everything. This, in turn, can lead to better control. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

3. I would like to get some clarity in the case of Rui Pinto and Football Leaks. Despite the fact that the self-proclaimed whistleblower is being persecuted in his native Portugal, we still do not understand whether he acted alone, whether he used the services of other hackers and whether there was extortion of money. This is a case with far-reaching consequences that go far beyond football.

4. People need to understand that the expansion of the club world championship 2021 is a natural process, and, frankly, it does not matter that some teams are not very strong. Weak teams are also present at the regular World Cup, but that doesn’t harm him, right? If we take the opportunity to develop football outside of Europe and South America, then we certainly will not be disappointed.

5. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I would not want the club world championship to turn into a bargaining chip in an endless war between FIFA and UEFA.

6. Regardless of your position on VAR, you should leave aside all this nonsense about “loss of entertainment”, “lack of spontaneous emotions at goals” and “killing football”. It is true that the VAR, especially its version in the Premier League, where the referee himself does not watch the replays, and the off-millimeter offsides forever crash into the head, can be improved. You need to start with the interpretation of solutions in real time. However, the idea that the “sight” is more important than the correction of an obvious human error, does not withstand any criticism and is meaningless. As for the “killing football”, the sport is much more complicated.

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7. People should understand that with all the current flaws and problems, football is damn good. Players are now better, stronger, faster, and far more gifted. Soccer players from all over the world have more opportunities to reach the highest level than ever before. Football is the lingua franca of our planet.

8. Against the backdrop of the phenomenally successful women’s world championships, I would like women’s football to be given a real opportunity to continue to progress, moving in its own way. This does not necessarily mean copying men’s football with its professional leagues and investors who crave financial returns. First of all, the priority should be full access to the game, which is not yet available all over the world.

9. The English Premier League is obliged to revise the calendar for Christmas. Coaches have repeatedly complained about the tight schedule and the strange time of the matches. Yes, there is a tradition, but you know what? You can keep the tradition of playing on Boxing Day and New Year, but remove intermediate meetings. Professional football players should be similar to airline pilots, that is, have a mandatory rest period. Say at least 72 hours between games.

10. Manchester United must regain its charm. Even if you are not a fan or just hate this team, you have to admit: you at least a little, but still miss the “red devils”, right? Seven years without a championship did not hurt either the brand or its income, but children have already grown up who know this club only as a fallen giant.

Updated: 01/14/2020 — 00:41

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